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Alfredo Jaar
The Sound of Silence (2006)
First produced by FotoFest at FOTOFEST2006
Courtesy the artist

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The Sound of Silence

Artists: Alfredo Jaar

Dates: Oct 6th 2006 - Nov 5th 2006

Venue: BPB at Fabrica

Fabrica, a contemporary art space located in a former Regency church, hosted the European premiere of Alfredo Jaar’s The Sound of Silence, a dramatic new installation focusing on the life of South African photojournalist Kevin Carter.

Jaar’s installations and public interventions cannot be easily defined by a particular medium or format. The aesthetic strategies he employs are based on responses to particular lived experiences which the artist describes as a 'series of exercises in representation.' Jaar’s work frequently exposes the limits of photographic representation in the face of cataclysmic events, notably the genocide in Rwanda, which cannot be invoked purely through traditional pictorial means.

A Fabrica Exhibition in association with Brighton Photo Biennial. Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation. Project part-financed by the European Union.

The Sound of Silence was produced by FotoFest Inc. for the work's first presentation at FOTOFEST2006 in Houston, Texas.

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